National Poetry Competition

The Poetry Society’s annual National Poetry Competition is one of the most prestigious prizes in the world for previously unpublished single poems and has a first prize of £5,000. 

National Poetry Competition 2016 Artwork by Isabel Rock
Artwork by Isabel Rock 


The winners of the National Poetry Competition have been announced at an awards ceremony on 29 March 2017. Congratulations to:

First prize: Stephen Sexton for ‘The Curfew
Second prize: Caleb Parkin for ‘The Desktop Metaphor
Third prize: T.L. Evans for ‘Detuned Radio
Seven commendations: Sam Harvey for ‘Claire Climbs Everest‘; Fran Lock for ‘Epistle from inside the Sharknado‘; Patrick James Errington for ‘Never Say Never Say Never‘; Holly Singlehurst for ‘Hiroshima, 1961‘; Laura Scott for ‘The Grey Mirror‘; Marc Brightside for ‘Eleven Years of May‘; Peter Wallis for ‘What Can I Say?

Winning poems are published on The Poetry Society website, and the top three in the spring 2017 issue of The Poetry Review. Winners are invited to read at events and festivals all around the country, including Ledbury Poetry Festival in July. Up to 150 longlisted entrants are offered discount on selected activities from The Poetry Society, and one of our competition partners the Poetry School.

You can read the Press Release for more information.


Moniza Alvi, Gerry Cambridge and Jack Underwood.

The Longlist

The following poets were longlisted for their entries in 2016:

Catherine Edmunds, Alan Michael Parker, Alan Weadick, Alex Bell, Alex Jenkins, Amanda Hopkins, Andrew Lambeth, Angela Cleland, Anna Czarnik, Audrey Ardern-Jones, Barbara Marsh, Brian Tierney, Briony Collins, Buko B, Caroline Bird, Caroline Jones, Chris Cleary, Chris James, Claire Dyer, Claudia Daventry, Coco Payne, David Canning, David Mohan, David Tait, Eanlai Cronin, Edward Barker, Edwina Gleeson, Eleanor Hooker, Elvire Roberts, Emilee Kilburn, Emma Danes, Emma E Jones, Erin Murphy, Eve Turner, Fiona Moore, Frances Tara Stirling Home Drummond Moray, Frank Wintle, Geraldine Clarkson, Grace Pilkington, Harriet Torr, Harry Man, Helen Ivory, Helen Ross, Helga Jermy, Howard Wright, Isabel Galleymore, Jane Burn, Jane Draycott, Jason Gray, Jeffery Sugarman, Jekwu Anyaegbuna, Jennie Malboeuf, John Lee Grenfell, Julia Dunlop, Julia Rose Lewis, Julia Whitehouse, Karl Anthony Mercer, Katharyn Machan, Katherine Pierpoint, Kathryn Maris, Katie Griffiths, Katrina Naomi, Katy Carrington, Kim Moore, Kirsten Irving, Kishore Minifie Ryan, L.A. Watt, Lara Bell, Lara Sichi, Lisa Kelly, Lois P. Jones, Lucia Daramus, Lucy Calder, Maitreyabandhu, Marianne MacRae, Mark Pajak, Martin Pearce, Mary Jean Chan, Matthew Siegel, Melissa Barrett, Michael Derrick Hudson, Michael Fitzgerald, Victor Ashton, Nairn Kennedy, Natalya Anderson, Nicola Healey, Noah De Grunwald, Oliver Dixon, Patience Agbabi, Patricia McCarthy, Patrick Brandon, Paul Edmonson, Peter Allmond, Peter Keeble, Philip Williams, Polly East, Ramiro Castro, Roisin Tierney, Romanne Walker, Ruth Wiggins, Sarah Agnew, Sarah Paley, Sarah Westcott, Simon Crowcroft, Simon Hunt, Soul Patel, Stevie Ronnie, Stuart Pickford, Sue Bright, Sue Burge, Susan Berlin, Susannah Hart, Tania Hershman, Tom Sastry, Tony D’Arpino, Veronica Aaronson, Walter Ancarrow, William Birtwhistle, William Leo Coakley

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