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The Book of Clouds: Children’s Poetry Workshop

Friday 1 June 2018, 3:00 pm4:00 pm

If you look up on a cloudy day, you’ll see a whole new surprising world above you – the world of clouds! The Book of Clouds is an introduction the secrets of the sky and the guide you’ll want by your side to help you understand it. A mix of playful poems, dreamy fantasy and scientific fact, it’s perfect for any child with their head stuck in the clouds – and for anyone who has ever wondered what’s up there in the skies above.

Join award-winning poet Juris Kronbergs and award-winning poet and translator Richard O’Brien as they read poems from the book and lead a fun creative workshop to get you writing your own cloud poems. Where do clouds go on holiday? What do clouds eat for breakfast? How many types of cloud can you name?

Come along on Friday 1st June and let your imagination fly!

The Book of Clouds by Juris Kronbergs is translated from the Latvian by Mara Rozitis and Richard O’Brien. It can be ordered here: https://theemmapress.com/shop/book-of-clouds/


Suitable for all ages.
Recommended age: 6+ for the reading and 8+ for the writing workshop

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