Poetry Society Stanzas

A gathering of Stanza Reps

Join a Poetry Society Stanza to meet other poets and Poetry Society Members.

Stanzas are groups run voluntarily by Poetry Society members, and take a variety of forms. Some Stanzas meet to give feedback on each other’s poems in progress, some are poetry reading groups, some run impromptu open mic sessions. A lot meet locally – but a growing number gather online. Joining an existing Stanza or setting up a new one are great ways to meet like-minded poetry lovers and to develop your own poetry communities.

The main contact (Stanza Rep) of the Stanza has to be a current Poetry Society Member, but groups are open to Members and non-Members alike.

Contact details for existing Stanzas are listed below. We are constantly adding to the list, so if there isn’t one listed locally and you’d like to start a new group, get in touch. For more information about how Stanzas run, click here or contact the Membership team at [email protected] with any queries.

The Stanzas in England are listed under county names. Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish Stanzas are listed separately. Look under the International heading for Stanzas in France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, and the Online heading for new online groups.

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