Bernadette McAloon & Rachel Plummer 1st & 2nd in Flambard Prize

Flambard Prize Poetry Society members Bernadette McAloon and Rachel Plummer have topped the list in this year’s Flambard Poetry Prize, winning £1000 and £250 respectively. The prize is awarded awarded annually to the best group of five poems submitted by a poet who has not yet published a single-authored pamphlet or collection.

Competition judge Linda France said:

“Rachel Plummer’s poems have a tightly-controlled imagination that made us curious and rewarded us in equal measure.  She skilfully employs the storyteller’s art, gauging just how much to reveal and when.  Bernadette McAloon’s winning portfolio impressed us with its formal range, its music and mature elegance.  Her submission, both haunted and haunting, had the distinction of such a finely measured resolution, after many readings, we were left not wanting anything to be otherwise.”

You can read the prizewinning poems at the NCLA website, plus the shortlisted poets, including Poetry Society Members Claire Collison, Victoria Gatehouse, Maeve Henry, and Jo Young.

December 20 2016