Carole Bromley first – and second! – in Poetry Space Competition

Carole Bromley
Carole Bromley (Photo by Michael J Oakes Photography)

Carole Bromley, Poetry Society Member, Stanza Rep for York, and our Poetry Surgeon there, has not only won the 2017 Poetry Space Competition but has also come second!

Among the Commended poets are Poetry Society Members Ama Bolton, Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Keith Hutson, Carolyn O’Connell, Greta Ross, and Moira Andrew.

Judge Mike Di Placido said

“The winning three poems and, indeed, most of the listed commended poems held their position throughout the judging process. I was also pleased to notice that the winning three poems, especially, displayed the qualities I was hoping to see and which I outlined in my pre-competition address. Perhaps the difference between the twenty poems selected and the ones that didn’t make the cut, so to speak, was that with the former poems more had been done to articulate, succinctly and economically, their chosen subject, comprising detail powerfully through individual form and conceit to deliver the poem successfully.”

Winning Poems

1st prize: Bumping into John Lennon – Carole Bromley

2nd prize: Saltburn – Carole Bromley

3rd prize: Around the Edges – Eileen Carney Hulme

Commended Poems

Editing – Ama Bolton

Rebellion – Sue Wallace -Shaddad

After the flood – Liz Byrne

Navy blue sling-backs – Liz Byrne

Loose Thread – Maurice Franseschi

Moving On! – Angie Butler

Something about the way you named trees – Eileen Carney Hulme

Tumour – Anthony Watts

Disputation – Christopher Grogan

On your mind – Angie Butler

The Natural – Keith Hutson

Not As Planned – Dorothy Baird

I give up, I tell – Andrew Soye

Becoming a Sliver Moon – Carolyn O’Connell


Almost – Moira Andrew

Conversation – William Dixon


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18 October 2017