Robert Lipton wins Gregory O’Donoghue Prize

Majella Kelly
Majella Kelly

Poetry Society Member Majella Kelly is second in this year’s Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize.  Majella Kelly is a poet and photographer based in County Galway, Ireland. She is currently enrolled on the MSt in Creative Writing at The University of Oxford.

The competition was won by Robert Lipton, picked by the judge Patrick Cotter from over 1600 entries, with Kim Addonizio third (Kim featured in The Poetry Review in 2014).

Poetry Society Member Sue Norton was on the shortlist for the top prize and there were plenty of Society Members on the Commended list too, with Patrick Lodge, Michael Sheehan, Janet Lees, Mark Fiddes, Paul Nemser, Kathleen Jones, Patrick Slevin, Cahal Dallat and Audrey Ardern-Jones all making an appearance alongside Former Foyle Young Poet Laura Potts.

The prize is for a single poem, named in honour of a late Irish poet long associated with the Munster Literature Centre.

The full list:

First Prize
‘Official Story’ by Robert Lipton (Richmond, California)

Second Prize
‘Portrait of the City with Mastecetomy’ by Majella Kelly (Tuam, Galway)

Third Prize
‘Black Hour Blues’ by Kim Addonizio (Oakland, California)


‘Anatomy of a Rape Joke’ by Emily Rose Cole (Cincinnati, Ohio)
‘Glossolalist’ by Annelyse Gelman (Austin, Texas)
‘Abecedarian for the Pimp I Almost Took a Bullet For’
by Carlos Andréz Gómez (New York)
‘Scraps’ by Eoin Hagerty (Cork)
‘In the Beauty Parlour of Saint Agnes ‘by Cynthia Hughes (Putney, Vermont)
‘Goethe in Rome’ by James Leader (Luxembourg)
‘Meetings with Enclosed Nuns’ by Sue Norton (York, England)
‘L’innconnue de la Seine’ by Cheryl Pearson (Manchester)
‘The Girls from Lal Bazaar’ by Rochelle Potkar (Mumbai)
‘Reverse Astrology’ by Jona Ray (India)
Klimt’s First Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Ellen Sazzman (Maryland, U.S.)


Roisin Browne (Dublin)
Meghann Plunkett (U.S.)
John D. Kelly (Fermanagh)
George Moore (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Lucia Damacela (Conneticut, US)
Peter Stuart-Sheppard (Ontario, Canada)
Mary Mercier (Wisconsin, US)
Patrick Lodge
Michael Sheehan (Co. Cork, Ireland)
Carlos A. Bates-Gomez (California)
Alice Kinsella (Co. Mayo, Ireland)
Rory Duffy (Westmeath, Ireland)
D.G. Geis (Texas, U.S.)
Lex Runciman (Portland, U.S.)
Janel Lees (Isle of Man)
A.M. Cousins (Wexford)
Freya Rothwell
Angus MacGregor (Australia)
John O’Donnell
Sandy Longley (NY, U.S.)
Dorothy Foltz-Gray (North Carolina, U.S.)
Michael D. Hudson (Indiana, U.S.)
Susan Lindsay (Wicklow)
Cynthia Guardado (California, U.S.)
Mark Fiddes (Dubai, UAE)
Sally St Clair (Granada, Spain)
Angela Wright (Ottowa, Ontario)
Simon Murphy
Norah Lawrence Lior (Washington DC)
T. M. Collins
Heidi Johannessen Poon (Charlottesville, VA, U.S.)
Partridge Boswell (Woodstock, U.S.)
Tori Sharpe (Arkansas, U.S.)
Paul Nemser (Cambridge, MA, U.S.)
Meghann Plunkett (U.S.)
Bruce Meyer (Ontario, Canada)
Kathleen McCoy (NY, U.S.)
Julie Kane (Louisiana, U.S.)
Raphael Dagold (Kyrgyzstan)
Mary Fitzpatrick (California, U.S.)
Audrey Molloy
Rory Brennan (Dublin)
Justin Hunt (North Carolina, U.S.)
Laura Potts (West Yorkshire)
Edward Power (Waterford)
Lakshmi Arya (Bangalore, India)
Paul Jeffcutt
Kathleen Jones (Cumbria, England)
Patrick Slevin
Laura McKenna
Mary Makofske (New York)
C.L. Dallat (London)
Angela T. Carr (Dublin)
Matt Hohner (Baltimore, U.S.)
Jill Osier (Alaska, U.S.)
Lisa Bickmore (Utah, U.S.)
Audrey Ardern-Jones (Surrey, England)
Mark Wagenaar (Indiana, U.S.)
Sophie van Llewyn (Esslingen, Germany)

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8 May 2018