Lesley Saunders wins Stephen Spender Prize

Lesley Saunders (photo: Dwain Comissiong)
Lesley Saunders (photo: Dwain Comissiong)

Poetry Society Member Lesley Saunders has won this year’s Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation with a translation of ‘Poem’ by Maria Teresa Horta from the original Portuguese. Lesley’s translation of ‘The Misses’ by Yvette K Centeno (Portuguese) was also commended.

Judge Sean O’Brien described Lesley’s translation as:

“a witty, erotic piece which traces the way a poem comes into being. As with Ted Hughes’s ‘The Thought-Fox’, it’s an animal who enables the poem to happen, but there the resemblance ends, for Horta’s poem has a degree of amused relish that makes Hughes sound a little stolid in comparison. Someone could write an interesting essay comparing the two. “

Lesley’s previous successes include winning the Live Canon competition in 2015, the Frogmore Poetry Prize, 2014, and the 2012 Staffordshire Poetry Competition.

Second prize went to Poetry Society Member Theophilus Kwek for ‘Moving House’ by Wong Yoon Wah (Chinese). Theophilus was winner of the 2015/16 Poetry Business New Poets Prize, and was previously a Foyle Young Poet.

Third prize went to Mark McGuinness for a translation from Troilus and Criseyde by Chaucer (Middle English).

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7 November 2016.