Louise Greig wins Battered Moons Competition

Louise Greig
Louise Greig

Malika Booker has chosen Louise Greig’s poem ‘If I Say, Flower’ as the winner of this year’s Battered Moons Poetry Competition, with Anna Saunders second and Poetry Society Member Ama Bolton third (Ama has just been commended in the 2017 Poetry Space Competition too).

Poetry Society Members among the Commended poets include Kirsten Irving, Romalyn Ante and Rachel Davies.

‘If I Say, Flower’ – Louise Greig, First prize
‘Pareidolia’, – Anna Saunders, Second Prize
‘This is the Island of Last Resort’ – Ama Bolton, Third Prize
‘Lady Backbird’ – Kirsten Irving, Commendation
’The Making of a Smuggler’– Romalyn Ante, Commendation
‘Chiggy Pig’ – Rachel Davies, Commendation
‘Deer, Midsummer’ – David Hale, Commendation

“Cassini has been exploring the outer space. With Battered Moons, we have been looking for evidence of life in the inner space that poems open. Battered Moons has now been going for eight years. It could not have done so without the work of our guest judges, Daljit Nagra, Pascale Petit, David Morley, Alice Oswald, Michael Simmons Roberts, Lesley Saunders and Martin Malone in previous years, and Malika Booker for 2017. Many thanks to Malika for her dedication and cooperation as main judge, reading every entry with care, selecting a shortlist and then the final seven. Battered Moon’s registrar Sam Loveless, who has had to process hundreds and hundreds of poems and deal with many emails, deserves both admiration and thanks. Our gratitude as well to Poetry Swindon Festival, Artswords, and Arts Council England for their support. To the poets who sent their work is our deepest appreciation. Battered Moons exists because of them.”

Battered Moons 2017 will be celebrating seven winning poets and their poems with Malika handing out the prizes and reading from her own work. The evening will include a musical treat brought by the outstanding voice of Caitlin Eastham and her band.

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18 October 2017