Mark Pajak wins Bridport Poetry Prize

Mark Pajak
Mark Pajak

Mark Pajak, commended in our 2014 National Poetry Competition, has won this year’s Bridport Poetry Prize for his poem ‘Spitting Distance’. Judge Patience Agbabi says of Mark’s poem 

“It has a directness, an understated authority of voice: So this is what it’s like to be a gun. There’s tension in its couplets, it knows when to use enjambment and when not. It rhymes irregularly so you barely notice yet this punctuates the voice, enhances the pleasure. The images are tangible: the path falling like a braid, a chimney hangs from the sky/on a white string. Finally, the poem takes a bold risk at the end and manages to carry it off. This is poetry at its best.”

Second was Laura Watson, and third Caroline Price. Among the Highly Commended poets were Poetry Society Members Jenny Danes, Isabella Mead, and Jean Stevens. Former National Poetry Competition winner, Beatrice Garland, was also Highly Commended. 160 poets were named on the shortlist.

Poetry Society Member David Swann won the Flash Fiction prize.

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17 October 2016