Lesley Saunders and Gabriel Griffin win the Plough Poetry Prizes

L-R Lesley Saunders and Gabriel Griffin

It’s a double whammy for Poetry Society Members Lesley Saunders and Gabriel Griffin in this year’s Plough Poetry Prize. Lesley has won the Open Category, with her poem ‘Glaciarium’, and Gabriel has won the Short Category with ‘Hermes’. The poems were judged by Michael Symmons Roberts.

Michael on Lesley’s poem ‘Glacarium’:

This one had me hooked from first read. I love its imaginative reach, the rush of letting a line of thought and imagery develop in the making of the poem. This poet’s ability to describe and evoke movement, grace, is really striking. And the image of the ‘alp-man riding the flood-tide…’ is a gift out of nowhere. Wonderful.

Michael on Gabriel’s poem ‘Hermes’:

This one offers such a rich portrait, more than filling the tight frame it sets itself. Playful, exuberant and – like all the best short poems – fully realised in its ten lines. It was in my top few ‘short poem’ entries from the first time I read it.

Great news too for Members Jonathan Greenhause, 3rd in the Open competition, and Barbara Hickson, 2nd in the Short Category.

The shortlists and longlists features many, many Poetry Society Members (and apologies if we’ve missed any) including Mara Bergman, Harriet David, Dena Fakhro, Julian Flanagan, Maria Isakova-Bennett, Jane Lovell, Paul McMahon, Val Ormrod, Jo Peters, former Foyle Young Poet Isobel Robinson, Julie-Ann Rowell, Peter Wallis, David Wilson, Ama Bolton, Iora Dawes, Scott Elder, Mark Haworth-Booth, Maeve Henry, Fiona Larkin, Sarah Barr, Carole Bromley, A C Clarke, Frances Corkey Thompson, Sally Festing, Mark Fiddes, Estelle Goodwin, Theophilus Kwek, Simon Millward, Elizabeth Parker, Rachel Plummer, Katrina Porteous, Tammy Swift-Adams, Susan Szekely, Sarah Davies, Victoria Gatehouse, Christopher M James, Sarah Leavesley, Joanna Lowry, Ian McEwen, Robin Muers, Ilse Pedler, Joyce Schmid, Mark Totterdell, Regina Weinert, and Natalie Whittaker.

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18 April 2018