Pre-Raphaelite Poetry Prize Winners

The Last Judgement – Sir Edward Burne-Jones
The Last Judgement, Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Poetry Society Members feature very strongly in this year’s results, with second place going to Poetry Society Member Amanda Oosthuizen for ‘Bells and Marigolds’, the Poet in Residence’s commendation going to Wendy Holborow for ‘The Seeds and Fruit of English Poetry’, and the Vice-President’s commendation going to Eithne Cullen for ‘The Poet on a Pony’.

The Poetry Prize winner is awarded to Susan Castillo Street for her poem ‘Bird of God’, and third place is Frances Sackett for ‘Two Faces of a Daugher’

Congratulations to the winners of the Poetry Prize. These poems will be featured in an issue of the PRS Review.

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7 March 2018