Sarah Wimbush & Marie Naughton one and two in Mslexia Competition

Poetry Society Members Sarah Wimbush and Marie Naughton took the top two spots in this year’s Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition, with twelve out of the seventeen finalists also being Society members.

Sarah, who was the winner of the 2016 Red Shed Poetry Competition, won the Mslexia prize of £2,000 with her poem ‘Trip to the National Portrait Gallery, with the wife’. Judge Liz Lochhead said: 

(Sarah’s poem) just kept rising to the top of my list. The convincing blokey male voice, the tension, his surprising response to the incident, all delighted me. This poem was very funny, had the ring of truth. And I liked the open-ended conclusion: ‘now, what happens next?’’

Marie, who was shortlisted for the 2016 Basil Bunting Prize, came second with ‘Children at your feet’. Gaynor Clements was third with ‘My grandmother and mother in 1949’.

Among the finalists were Poetry Society Members Emma Danes, Geraldine Clarkson, Denise Bennett, Judith Taylor, Nicola Warwick, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Claire Dyer, Nicola Daly, Pnina Shinebourne, Gwyneth Box, Christine Michael, and Jemma Borg.

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19 September 2016