A convocation of pylons considers how to celebrate country-wide conversion to renewable energy

By Helen Overell

Were they to dance –            the girdered piecemeal sky would limber up,            cables would be swung for skipping ropes, there would be sparks –            fierce fire in stuttered arcs, in zig-zag strike            on latticed steel, zinged buzz of seared scar, they would be clad –            skeletal frames in kirtled folds […]

shopping list as a sign of tenderness

By Eunice Kim

Commended, Bloodaxe Archive challenge #4

candy mints kitchen knife singing hallelujah darling, if it’s between me & the sickness i will always choose                                        the sickness bathroom mirror during golden hour black-eyed syringe a full visible spectrum of light summer divorcing my throat & sternum                         both, this blueshift -jawbone an old house piano keys in my head […]