Mara Adamitz Scrupe

For ungulates’ baby martyrs/             tiny
fawns’ hayfield relief/             plained world 
            – llaneros:       sickle bar &     baling twine     –

And for me: pined      near-topple           boughed
ringed ridge in a fog that never
            lifts      –           For shimmying my

Old conterminous ass/      tensity
narrow scarlet-cockled petals’ floor-fallen
            calyces            –           and

For summer storm-bruised     cerecloth         
gasp to midden            a lanyard a ream
           a stroke           flushed as fever          –           For

Tremens jerk/ a park in a Latin American
city      refrigerator boxes’ leathery eaves       –          
            for       sexing the solitary       the arbitrary

For companionless or bound      twos
or threes in roguery at branches’
            ends     –           For insects  inseminate           –

Increase:          two dragonflies           alight
one atop another         lavaliered         boogied-out
            on sun-burnt   flesh/ my little boat     –           floating

Fast and free adrift and anchorless smooth
timbre-d limbs two against          all comers combined         – 
            For tippy-tongued muscles’ meticulous        

Lists: mark not nor number    but hasten      
hasten              –           For musician’s           
            Cuatro             terrestrial radio joropo:           a kind

Of people’s waltz       mi corazón      indiscriminate
couplings membranous           palisades’
            spongy-pulp yield      bitter tissues’ fruit sets/

Covert mortifications syncopations              fancy  
my body’s       a featherless               bed
            for plaster-cast       damp wrinkle             sweat

For dew beads’ dimmed          glitz
for spilt unembarrassed gross and sweet and
            acidy juicy-red-plink  –           Or whitish


An outgrowth a covering        for mace to nutmeg
spice to savor      in each sac a single an angular
            a hard  or soft             seed.