Food & Drink

Pastries by Day, Poems by Night


Open-faced sandwich of the day with gourmet crisps £4.50
Soup of the day with bread and butter or olive oil £5.50
Stew of the day with couscous / GF couscous  £6.50
Mezze plate with hummus, tzatziki, olives, veg and pita £7.00
Locally baked sourdough, hummus and olives £3.50
Crisps / Nuts £1.20
Frosted cake £3.50
Changing selection of treats / pastries  from £2.00

A Quick Bite

Sweet or savoury, fresh or home-made: we have cakes, flapjacks, crisps and fresh fruit on offer, and there’s always a gluten-free / vegan option or two. Chocolate Matcha cake is one of our favourites.

Come for lunch or dinner

We offer light vegetarian meals including soups and stews, a mezze plate and a cheese sandwich with gourmet crisps – drop in to check the soup of the day.

Something to drink?

We serve Drury coffee, which is Rainforest certified, as well as a diverse selection of herbal and caffeinated loose-leaf teas and home made Chai. We have unique sodas from Square Root, which are made in Hackney, and we can also pour you a beer, a glass of wine or a selection of spirits.


Artisanal local made sodas £2.50
Rejuce cold pressed juice £3.00
Still/Sparkling water £1.50
Loose leaf tea pots £2.80
Espresso £2.20
Americano £2.30
Macchiato £2.50
Flat white/Latte/Cappuccino  £2.80
House made Chai/Hot Chocolate  £2.80
Mocha  £3.00
Milk alternatives  £0.20


Pilsner Urquell/Asahi £4.00
Guinness/Camden Pale Ale/Aspall Suffolk Cider £5.00
El Molturo Sauvignon Blanc, Airen, Verdejo (white) £4.50/£5.00
El Molturo Tempranillo, Garnacha (red) £4.50/£5.00
Marques de Calado (rose) £4.50/£5.00
Alfredini Garganega Pinot Grigio (white) £5.50/£6.00
Bresco Merlot (red) £5.50/£6.00
Prosecco Corte Alta (white sparkling) 20 cl. £8.50
Gin/Vodka/Tequilla/Whiskey/Rum £4.50/£6.50

Bespoke Catering 

We’re happy to provide specialty catering for your booking. Below is a sample menu:

Sharing bowls of gourmet crisps/roasted nuts  £5.00
Bruschetta bites  £2.50 per serving
Mini sandwiches (cheese pesto & avocado chilli, etc) £2.50 per serving
Mediterranean bites on skewers (pitta, olive, feta, sun-dried tomato) £2.00 per serving 
Fresh fruit variety and cheese platter with cracker selection  
Crudites with dip variety & bread with olive oil £2.00 per serving
Wild rice salad or mixed bean salad £2.00 per serving
Flat white/Latte/Cappuccino  £2.80 per serving 
Cup roasted peppers and artichoke hearts  £3.00 per serving
Sparkling elderflower cordial  £2.00 per serving
Many other items available upon request