Who we are


Director – Judith Palmer
Publishing Manager – Michael Sims
General Manager – Edward Doegar
Education Manager – Nazmia Jamal
Education Officer – Phoebe Walker
Education Officer – (vacant) 
Finance Officer – Sharon Kwan
Editor, The Poetry Review – Maurice Riordan
Laureate Projects Co-ordinator – Helen Taylor
Marketing Manager – Sophie Baker
Marketing Co-ordinator – Oliver Fox
Membership Manager – Paul McGrane
Membership Assistant – Kate White
Office Administrator – Sophie Kirk
SLAMbassadors Artistic Director – Joelle Taylor
Café Supervisor – Olissa Francisco

Vice Presidents, Trustees and Honorary Members

President: Roger McGough

Vice Presidents: Simon Armitage, Carol Ann Duffy, Michael Longley, Ian McMillan, Hugo Williams, Benjamin Zephaniah

Trustees: Mona Arshi, Lizzie Crump, Sarah Ellis, Kathryn Gray, Jesper Groenvold (Chair), Kona Macphee, Neil Reeder, Jon Sayers (Vice Chair), Andrew Smardon, Laurie Smith, Isabel White.  Read more about our trustees here.