Louise Hill

Louise Hill was on the winning Rise Slam (now SLAMbassadors UK) teams from 2004 – 2006. Louise is now an established performer, attracting attention for her dramatic monologues and sensual poetry coupled with her arresting performances.

“The Slam was the beginning of something epic in my life. This was my gateway into the academic world. Before slam I knew I wanted to get a degree, I wanted to go to university, but I didn’t think I had the capacity to be a part of that world. Everyone has their own journey in life, and the SLAMbassadors team helped me to realise no dream was too big. Being able to perform my words gave me the courage to say words that I understood (even though I could not spell them.) In 2002 I entered and only qualified into the quarter finals at school, but in that year I saw Kayo Chingonyi soar to the finals, and he worked with me in school, on the train, and took the time to listen to an aspiring poet. In 2004 when I got to the semi-finals and the finals I became part of a team that came from different walks of life. I knew my strength was in my performance, but working with Joelle and the mentors she set me up with in the summer meant that my writing stepped up too.

I genuinely, with all my heart, have so much love and respect for the SLAM team. Joelle has worked alongside the team at Robert Clack Comprehensive School, to give young people access to a tool: their voice. My voice is my greatest weapon today. Shined and Sharpened and ready for verbal war. I’m not an argumentative person, I’m just not afraid to let my voice be heard. Now, I take on the responsibility, as a SLAMbassador, to make sure other young people are equipped with the tools to make sure their voices are heard. It is my duty to listen, to encourage, supporting them the way the SLAM team supported me”