Volume 105, No 1, Spring 2015

One of the pleasures of editing this issue was to sift through the work published in [the US magazine] Poetry over the past twelve months and choose poems for our annual exchange. I wasn’t actively looking for the ‘best’. I passed over poets who are already well known, or better known, to UK readers. Other than that, I followed my inclination, a current taste for what is agile and noisy, a wayward tendency perhaps to favour excess over restraint…

For all that, the poems speak to each other comfortably. The fact is the genius of the language resides less in its localised idioms and registers than in its syntactical flexibility. It’s a rubbery beast with a voracious appetite for anything in its reach. Maybe it has to do with that King James Bible in every hotel-room drawer from Seattle to Boston, Lincs!

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial

The Poetry Review podcast

Jonathan Edwards, Song, Gen
Fran Lock, And I will consider the yellow dog, Melpomene
      …and read Fran Lock’s Behind the poem online feature
David Sergeant, Air strike, Shaking your superflux
Eva Salzman, Vermont Still, Life, Animal Couplets
Greta Stoddart, Letter from Sido
Paula Bohince, Christmas Day, First Snow
Annie Freud, Bujold
Susan Wicks, Birdsong
Jacob Polley, Elfred
Steve Ely, Hugo of Fyselake, The White Hart, Eofor
Simon Barraclough, from Sunspots
      …and read Simon Barraclough’s Behind the poem online feature

Poems from Poetry

Tommye Blount, The Bug
Traci Brimhall, Better to Marry Than to Burn
Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Captain Lovell,
Natalie Diaz, It Was the Animals
Knar Gavin, The Track Racer
Terrance Hayes, How to Draw a Perfect Circle
Dorothea Lasky, The End
Sarah Lindsay, Attack Underground
Claudia Rankine, from Citizen
Stephen Sandy, Modest Proposals
Solmaz Sharif, Vulnerability Study
Tom Sleigh, The Animals in the Zoo Don’t Seem Worried
Danez Smith, Dinosaurs in the Hood
Rosanna Warren, A Way
Dean Young, Romanticism 101


Poets reading: Emily Berry on Kristin Prevallet’s book of mourning
Omphalos: Pascale Petit and Jacob Polley
Aftersongs: Amali Rodrigo on the medieval graffiti poems of Sri Lanka


Ben Wilkinson reviews Paul Muldoon
Sarah Howe reviews Arundhathi Subramaniam and Pascale Petit
Matthew Sweeney on Rosemary Tonks’s collected poems and prose
Aingeal Clare on Ciaran Carson and Antonella Anedda
Carol Rumens on Martha Kapos and Philip Fried
Kate Bingham on Angela Gardner, Michael Laskey and Dan O’Brien
A.B. Jackson reviews Alan Gillis and Paul Batchelor
Julia Bird reviews Miriam Gamble and Lucy Tunstall
Will Stone on translations of Du Bouchet by Auster and Rogers
Jack Underwood on Michael Donaghy

National Poetry Competition 2014

Roger Philip Dennis, Corkscrew Hill Photo
Joanne Key, The Day the Deer Came
Fran Lock, Last Exit to Luton