Volume 100, No 2, Summer 2010, Poetry Review

Off the page Poetry Review“As summer approaches, and with it the prospect of getting up from our desks and seeing a bit of the world, Poetry Review goes ‘off the page’ in search of poetry’s other contexts. Some are more theatrical, and others yet more intimate, than the space of reading…”

Editor: Fiona Sampson

Ruth Padel, Letter To A Portugese Cosmologist and Dunlin
Carlos Marzal, The Bridge And The Abyss
John Kinsella, Write-off
Chris McCabe, My Mouth Is An Elizabethan
Ruth Fainlight, Borrowed Time
David Huerta, Prayer and Entropy In Wiesbaden
Elaine Feinstein, Arson In Hania, Crete
Sarah Maguire, The Point
Inna Lisnianskaya, Poem To The Rev. Rowan Williams, Archbishop Of Canterbury
Richard W. Halperin, The Crepuscular Theory Of Light
Simon Richey, The Book
Alan Jenkins, Climber
Scott Kristoffer Ripley, Threadneedle Street
Neil Powell, Shutting Down
Deryn Rees-Jones, After You Died and My Grandfather’s Tattoo
Alfred Corn, Brodsky At The Caffé Dante
Todd Swift, Slieve Donard
Gary Allen, White Lines
Esther Morgan, What Happens While We Are Sleeping
Dennis O’Driscoll, Revenue Choir
Kathryn Simmonds, My Husband At Seven
David Sergeant, Meadow Lane
Helen Dunmore, Come Out Now
Nadia Al Fazil-Kareem, To My Adulterous Husband
Daljit Nagra, Kabbadi Keeegun!!!
Tim Hopkins, Wittgenstein’s Football Tactics
Greg Delanty, from The Greek Anthology, Book XVII
Lawrence Sail, Elizabeth Blackadder’s ‘Still Life With Lily And Flute’
Doreen King, in the garden for the blind
Linda France, Falling
Douglas Houston, Your Only Man
Tim Turnbull, Vérité
Rhian Edwards, Pinchbeck
Dominic McLoughlin, The Problem Of Identity
Gabrielle Althen, The Flexible Dialogue

Gillian Allnutt, An Imaginary Tent
Arvon Then & Now, Alan Brownjohn, Moniza Alvi and Holly Hopkins SLAM! Lemn Sissay and Ben Mellor go head to head
Eva Salzman, Metaphor And Dance

Ian Duhig Sean O’Brien on the new anthologies
Ruth Fainlight on Gwyneth Lewis’s verse-memoir
Douglas Houston on Robin Robertson
Ian Duhig on Peter Porter’s Selected
Steven Matthews on Tim Lowenstein, Valerio Magrelli and W.S. Merwin
Alan Brownjohn on Dannie Abse and John Fuller
Sarah Crown on three fine translations Aviva Dautch on international writing
David Morley on the speed of verse Jane Holland on Agee, Bishop, Bowen, Dawes, Etter, Hughes, Mayer et al
Ben Wilkinson on Reed, Schmidt, Joseph, Jess-Cooke and Pugh
Tim Liardet on Simpson, Peacock, Moore and Chandan

Thomas Dilworth, Basil Bunting on David Jones
Peter Blegvad, Writing Life