Volume 103, No 1, Spring 2013

untitled“On an ordinary March day in 2011, staff at the Scottish Poetry Library were amazed to discover an exquisite sculpture carved from paper left anonymously on a table in the library, with a message in support of “libraries, books, words, ideas”…And so the idea of the Anonymous Invitation was born: a plan to approach a number of established poets to ask them to contribute a poem anonymously and to reflect on the experience. While this might seem a light-hearted exercise, we hope it goes some way to rehabilitating the idea of anonymity.”

from the Editorial by Moniza Alvi & Esther Morgan, Guest Editors

The Poetry Review podcast

Listen to this podcast in which Moniza and Esther discuss what’s in a name and the extent to which uncredited artworks liberate or unsettle the creative process… See also: Anonymous poets revealed



Sarah Roby, Ritual
D.M. Black, The Arrow-Maker
Mara Bergman, The Tailor’s Three Sons
David Morley, The Invisible Gift
Nicola Warwick, Mary Shelley’s Version
Cheryl Moskowitz, Fanny Burney Undergoes a Mastectomy, 30 September 1811
Angus Sinclair, Kertesz at His Window
Judy Brown, After the Discovery of Linear Perspective, Umami
Anne Ryland, After a Spell in Essex
Stuart Charlesworth, So They Might Never Come This Way Again
Marion Tracy, Stones
Amaan Hyder, At Hajj
Bewketu Seyoum, Ah, my innocence, The door to freedom
Zewdu Milikit, Year of the Spider
Patience Agbabi, The Doll’s House
Miranda Yates, Chocolates for Colonel Gaddafi
Mona Arshi, On Ellington Road
John Wedgwood Clarke, Identification
Maria Jastrzebska, Fur, Magadan
Ned Denny, Arles
Petra Kamula, Petra Visits the Citadel of Aleppo
Heidi Williamson, Descender
Laura Scott, Sewing
Christina Dunhill, Foraging, Oh process
Valerie Rouzeau, To meet your soulmate without paying afterwards, Negative I don’t know how to take a photo no, Swallow anything like nails or wood-screws ink
Selima Hill, The Iridescent Conversation Piece
John McCullough, The Sugar Hammer
Mike Saunders, Suitcasing
Angel Gonzalez, It’s What Happens, Sometimes, In October; Zero City
Helen Oswald, Last Will
Jane Griffiths, Found Object
Carol Rumens, The Death of King Taharqa
Katrina Porteous, It Will Pass
Kit Fan, Zurbaran’s Windows
Rebecca Farmer, The Angel of The Flies
Julian Stannard, Burlington Arcade


The Anonymous Invitation, by Eight Anonymous Poets

Said, Unsaid & Mr Nobody by Jen Hadfield
Erik Martiny on Sharon Olds and Jorie Graham
Black Silent Waters by Tim Liardet
Pop-up: the support system of the poetry workshop by Jackie Wills
Quality Time: Remembering Dennis O’Driscoll by John Greening


Susan Wicks on Ko Un, Persian Poetry and David Harsent’s versions of Yannis Ritsos
Zoe Brigley reviews Gillian Clarke and Menna Elfyn
Erik Martiny on Sharon Olds and Jorie Graham
Helen Mort reviews Penelope Shuttle’s New and Selected Poems
John Greening on Andrew Motion, Jamie McKendrick and Angela Leighton
Clare Pollard reviews Deryn Rees-Jones and Kathleen Jamie
Carrie Etter on Jane Yeh, Sally Read and Selima Hill
Jem Poster on Stephen Knight, Richard Price and Jacob Polley
Ian McMillan on debut collections by Oli Hazzard, Olivia McCannon, John McCullough and William Letford
Andrea Holland reviews Katha Pollitt, Eduardo C. Corrall and Susan Wheeler
Chloe Stopa-Hunt reviews In Their Own Words: Contemporary Poets on Their Poetry and The Forward Book of Poetry 2013

Cover image: ‘The Girl in the Wood’ 2008 by Su Blackwell. © The artist. Photo: Andrew Meredith