Volume 103, No 4, Winter 2013 OUT OF STOCK

1044 TPR cover NEW SIZE_Layout 1“Every poem should be crafted to outlast a change of taste – if it outlasts two, it can live indefinitely, unless it meets with some physical catastrophe. The urge to cherish, then, has to be balanced by the need to discriminate. A robust poetry politic depends on a sensitive and articulate awareness of what’s good. It depends, too, on critics striking an honest contract with their readers. ”

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial


The Poetry Review podcast

Jack Underwood talks to Maurice Riordan about the development of his work and the transition from pamphlet to a full collection, how there are just ten “really good” poems, Simon Armitage, Elizabeth Bishop, Frank O’Hara and Charles Simic, the latest generation of young poets, teaching and the inspiration of TV.


Matthew Francis, Ant; Harvestman, Spiderweb; Silverfish, Moth
Diana Pooley, A Racehorse Undersized; Nice-toed, Bluff, Fresh, Nonpareil
Kim Moore, Boxer; Candles
Jonathan Edwards, Girl; Nun on a Bicycle
Mir Mahfuz Ali, MIG-21 Raids at Shegontola; Dog Seed
Susan Wicks, The Thought Snail
Kate Bingham, My Hand; String; Midnight
Helen Mort, Lethal Roy
Paul Farley, The Gadget
Gerard Smyth, How Goes the Night
Sheenagh Pugh, His Colours; Staying
Neil Wenborn, Longshore drift
John McAuliffe, The Rebuild
Robyn Bolam, Winter Solstice at the High Voltage Laboratory
Howard Wright, Artaud; The Flats
Stephen McNeilly, Baron Samedi
Liz Berry, Scenes from The Passion: The First Path; Scenes from The Passion: The Evening; Grasshopper Warbler
Jack Underwood, Some Gods; Second; Spring


Face to Face: Alice Oswald interviewed by Deryn Rees-Jones
Omphalos: Paul Farley and Tom Sleigh
The Kids’ Stuff by David Harmer
Poetry Society Annual Lecture. Stammering, Stops, Silence: On the Methods and Uses of Untranslation by Anne Carson
John Hartley Williams’s Letter from Berlin
Walking with Simon by Greta Stoddart


Sylvia Plath Drawings


Conor O’Callaghan on Matthew Francis and Fleur Adcock
Judy Brown on Sinéad Morrissey and Ahren Warner
Stephen Romer on Robert Graves’s Selected Poems, edited by Michael Longley
Sam Riviere on Christopher Reid’s Six Bad Poets
Kathryn Gray on Caroline Bird, John Agard and Sharon Morris
Gregory Leadbetter on Fred D’Aguiar, Leanne O’Sullivan and Marianne Burton
Paul Laffan on Janet Rogerson, Edward Mackay, Tim Liardet and David Harsent
David Wheatley on Raymond Queneau, translated by Rachel Galvin

Cover image Simon Pemberton.