Volume 104, No 1, Spring 2014

1044 TPR cover NEW SIZE_Layout 1“With this issue we risk, along with our new look, giving a new lease to a long-dormant connection between The Poetry Review and Poetry (Chicago) by including a selection of poems that appeared last year in Poetry. A forthcoming issue of that magazine will carry work from the Review, in what we intend as a regular exchange. Do these American poems sit happily with our own? Well, I’m struck by differences myself: something strenuous in the stretch and flex of the line, giving them a more willed vitality, a noisier heft of the barbells. But I’ve no difficulty hearing these poems or appreciating their formal strengths…”

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial

The Poetry Review podcast


Jan Wagner, the castle, the burning grove, evensong, lago di como
Greta Stoddart, Lifeguard, Skull and Hourglass, Lamb
Gregory Leadbetter, My Father’s Orrery, The Fetch
Sarah Westcott, Messenger, Form, Lambskin
Maitreyabandhu, The Fire Ritual, Birdsong
Greg Delanty, The Sock Mystery
Paul Muldoon, Colmcille on Exile

The Interview

Hugo Williams in conversation with Kathryn Maris

Poems from Poetry magazine

Louise Glück, Aboriginal Landscape
Nate Marshall, praise song
Ange Mlinko, Escape Architecture
Hannah Gamble, Growing a Bear
Marcus Wicker, Ode to Browsing the Web
C.A. Conrad, Lonely Deep Affection
Eileen Myles, Prophesy
Tomás Q. Morín, Stanza
Michael Dickman, Where We Live
Patricia Lockwood, The Hypno-Domme Speaks, and Speaks and Speaks
Leah Umansky, Khaleesi Says
Adam Fitzgerald, Time After Time
Michael Robbins, Not Fade Away
Ocean Vuong, Aubade with Burning City Essay


The Legacy of Gottfried Benn by Eva Bourke


John Hartley Williams, The Swimming Pool at Tönning, Benders
Katrina Naomi, Elemental
Simon Richey, A History of the Tongue, One
Martha Kapos, The Magnetic Field, Homecoming
Vicki Feaver, Pugilist, Prayer at Seventy
Martha Sprackland, Visit
Meirion Jordan, A Mercy, The ordinary state of things
Amali Rodrigo, Kama Sutra, Good Luck Goldfish, Meditation on Cherry Blossoms
Steve Ely, Deir ez-Zor, Work, Interhamwe, Fasayil


Aingeal Clare on Daljit Nagra’s Ramayana
Matthew Jarvis reviews Moniza Alvi and Maitreyabandhu
Sophie Mayer on Eavan Boland and Lorna Goodison
Joey Connolly on Rachael Boast, David Morley and Helen Mort
Carol Rumens on Philip Gross, Jean Sprackland and Chris Jones
Ben Wilkinson reviews Mark Strand and Don Share
Nuar Alsadir reviews Anne Carson’s Red Doc>
Patrick Crotty on Derek Mahon’s Echo’s Grove

National Poetry Competition 2013

Linda France, Bernard and Cerinthe
Paula Bohince, Among Barmaids
Josephine Abbott, Love on a night like this

Will Eaves’s Letter from Melbourne

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