Volume 105, No 2, Summer 2015

1052 The Poetry Review cover imagePoets are restive animals. Once again we see them roaming widely, as you will find especially in the prose of this issue: Flarf, Alt Lit, et al. They are on the hunt for new ways to ironise the self, as well as old ways to tap into the spirit: ellipsis, parataxis, syntaxis, transgressive lineation, anything perhaps to rend the veil of the temple. It’s rough weather for sonnet and villanelle, but wonderful times for a magazine to be the conduit of such energy, and to act as an arena for so much competitive and diverse activity… Treacherous as well: it’s all too easy to mistake the outmoded for the old-fashioned, or miss the genuinely new amid the merely novel… Over time the shyly inventive, the slyly subversive, or the stubbornly low-key, may thrive. We may be in prime territory, too, for a hoax.

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial

The Poetry Review podcast

Sara Peters, Black Box, The Stages of Harriet, Hating Men, Hooves
Daljit Nagra, The Love Song of Mugoo and Gugoo, The Dream of Mr Bulram’s English
Jamie Coward, Peasholm Park, The Mist
Stephen Knight, Sh
Mary Robinson, You asked for a poem about listening
Miles Burrows, The Crocodile-skin Handbag, Four Last Things
Graham Mort, La Maison Bleue, Pigeonnier
Jennifer L. Knox, Sakura Matsuri
Amali Rodrigo, Kintsugi, The Bell Is Always Ringing
Philip Gross, Storm Surge, Coming to Slow, Small Songs of Carbon
Nick Laird, Rescue Remedy, The Good Son
Geraldine Clarkson, Love Cow, Dora Incites the Sea-scribbler to Lament
…and read Geraldine Clarkson’s Behind the poem online feature
Gregory Leadbetter, Stalking, Imp
Laura Scott, If I could write like Tolstoy, The Half-loved
…and read Laura Scott’s Behind the poem online feature
Caroline Bird, The Fear, The Amnesty
Ian McDonough, Lupins, Perturbation
F.J. Williams, The Sleep Council
Stephen Payne, Translating the Proverb


Poets reading: Frances Leviston on Lorine Niedecker, Jack Underwood on Jennifer L. Knox, Alice Oswald on Paul Stubbs
This Has Been A Blue/Green Message Exiting the Social World: Charles Whalley on post-internet poetry
Letter from San Francisco: D.A. Powell
Letter to the Editor


Tiffany Atkinson reviews Frances Leviston and Sam Riviere
Harry Clifton reviews Sean O’Brien and Frank Ormsby
John McAuliffe on Michael Hofmann’s selected essays
Kate Bingham reviews Rebecca Perry and Sean Borodale
Aime Williams on Alice Fulton, Claudia Rankine and Jane Hirshfield
Judy Brown reviews Sujata Bhatt, Selima Hill and Blake Morrison
Fiona Moore on Paul Henry, Anthony Howell and Gerry Murphy
Patrick Mackie reviews J.H. Prynne’s Poems
Alan Brownjohn on Dannie Abse’s New and Collected Poems

The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2014

Bill Manhire introduces winner Zaffar Kunial
Zaffar Kunial, The Word, Jane Austen: Selected Letters