'Do not indulge indigo' was the second prize winner of the 2018 National Poetry Competition.

From the judges: "'Do not indulge indigo' haunted me from my first reading of it. It is a poem that refuses to be silent – the text and the white space which are its ordering principle pushing against each other constantly. It is a poem of contradictions – and this is hinted at even in the title, with its use of an imperative contrasted with the word ‘indulge’, forewarning the reader that both darkness and playfulness are ahead. Any repetition in poetry draws attention to language itself, and the repeated use of the word ‘indigo’ excavates the possibilities of the word as both simple sound, and holder of transforming meaning. Reading this poem aloud in the jduges meeting, we all felt silence settle over us and knew we’d found something special." - Kim Moore

Do not indulge indigo

by Katie Griffiths

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