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Teaching resources and tips 

Need some fresh ideas to galvanize your students’ writing?

  • NEW RESOURCE: Gagandeep Chaggar’s plan ‘The Power of Memory and Association‘ looks at ‘God in 80s Movies’ by Em Power, a winner in the 2018 Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award.  
  • Lyndsay Chand’s lesson plan ‘Creating Voices’ looks at ‘unwritten letter from my great-grandmother to my great-grandfather, 1930’ by Enshia Li, a winner in the 2017 Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award.
  • Fran Pridham’s lesson plan explores ‘Celebrations’ inspired by Lucy Thynne’s 2017 winning poem ‘the parents anniversary’. 
  • Joanne Bowles’s lesson plan ponders ‘Does this smell like a good poem?’ inspired by Cyrus Larcombe-Moore’s 2016 winning poem.
  • Kate Brackley’s lesson plan explores relationships through ‘Making poetry with my mother‘ inspired by Letitia Chan’s 2016 winning poem. 
  • Write unusual list poem and find our new ways of looking at nouns in this lesson plan
  • Ben Bransfield takes you through ‘How to bake a poet‘ in this lesson plan inspired by Sophia Carney’s 2015 winning poem. 
  • Our Teacher Trailblazers have got some top tips for teaching poetry.
  • Look at the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2016 winners anthology and commended anthology.
  • Try writing Poetry as a call to arms. A lesson plan based on Phoebe Stucke’s 2013 winning poem Daughters.
  • Write Poems inspired by works of art. A lesson plan based on a 2013 winning poem ‘An Interior Scene’.

For more lesson plans, visit our Poetyclass site or look at our Vimeo playlist of tips from teachers.