It’s been a record year – with over 7,351 young people entering 15,047 poems from a total of 60 countries, making it one of the largest literary competitions in the world. We were delighted to annouce the 15 Top Winners and 85 Commended Poets, selected by Judges Helen Mort and Christopher Reid.

Commended Poets

Amy Aron-Muellbauer, Theo Ayres, Isis Barrett-Lally, Zoe Boland, Catriona Bolt, Vivienne Burgess, Matthew Burson, Grace Campbell, Imogen Cassels, Jamie Chiavetta-Ellis, Imogen Childs, Nicholas Chng, Maria Chung, Mary Anne Clark, Kathryn Cussons, Jade Cuttle, Ellie Czyzowska, Ashmita Das, Joseph Davison-Duddles, Ella Duffy, Savanna Forbes, Isaac Freeth, Laurah Furner, Georgina Galton, Poppy Garrett, Tabitha Goedkoop, Roshni Gohil, Alex Greenberg, Dualtagh Grundy, Stephanie Guo, Armaghan Hallajian, Dominic Hand, Laura Hankins, Madelaine Hanson, Andrew Harrison, Alex Hartley, Maisie Higgins, Catherine Hodgson, William Holdsworth, Eloise Hood, Zhou Huiwen, Joshua James, Maria Ji, Michelle Jia, Ronlee Korren, Peter LaBerge, Anna Leader, Ephraim Levinson, Rachel Lewis, Allison Light, Maya Little, Yasmin Mannan, Ruby Mason, Cassandra McElligott, Joanna Middlemass, Aithne Moran, Oli Morris, Aoife Murphy, Eira Murphy, Matthew Norman, Jessica Ockenden, Simon Owisky Ocho, Sam O’Connor, Eloise Poole, Laura Potts, Laura Purcell, Nicola Purslow, Saga Ringmar, Gabriella Roberts, Gussie Roc, Amanda Silberling, Jasmine Simms, Eleanor Smith, Hayden Stamy, Natalie Steinhouse, Claudia Taylor, William Tidy, Jamie Uy, Andrés Vaamonde, Sylvia Villa, Molly Wakeman, Emma Warburton, Catherine Wong, Emma Woodhall, William Yates.