Additional resources related to the National Poetry Competition, gathered together to help you with your entries. Resources range from interviews with, and top tips from, previous winners to an #askthejudge Twitter takeover.

Discussion points

Devised with the help of the Poetry School to inspire conversation about the winning poems in your writing or reading group:


Eric Berlin, winner of the National Poetry Competition 2015 for his poem Night Errand, discusses his work, influences and the inspirations behind his winning entry in this podcast from Transatlantic Poetry. In conversation with Eric Berlin are NPC2015 judge Sarah Howe and The Poetry Society’s Edward Doegar:


Paul Nemser was commended in the National Poetry Competition 2014 for his poem, After the Calm. Listen to his prize-winning poem and his thoughts on poetry competitions and writing in general in his Poetry Society podcast: 

The 2013 National Poetry Competition winner Linda France discusses her winning entry, how to write for poetry competitions (or not) and gives advice to prospective entrants of this year’s competition. You can listen to the whole thing below, or jump to: Linda’s compilation of her winning entry (1:30); (not) writing poems for competitions (4:27); or her advice for prospective entrants (4:38).