How to recommend

The Ted Hughes Award 2018 aims to recognise and reward exceptional new work in poetry. Recommendations are invited from members of The Poetry Society and The Poetry Book Society. You’ll have received a recommendation form in your members’ mailing – just fill this out and send it back to us in the post. Each person who is a member of The Poetry Society or Poetry Book Society can make one recommendation – so think well about who you’d like to put forward! 

If you’d like to recommend via email, you can download a recommendation form here.


About recommendations

The judges rely on recommendations from members of The Poetry Society and the Poetry Book Society to inform them of the goings on in the UK’s poetry landscape. Recommendations are not nominations or votes, but they do alert the judges to new work that they may have otherwise missed. So if you’ve encountered a work of poetry by a UK poet or a poet resident in the UK in 2018 – be it a collection, individual published poem, radio poem, verse translation, verse drama, verse novel, libretti, film poem, poetry in public art, or a new form of poetry work entirely – let the judges know by making a recommendation.