Poetry & Climate Change

cape_farewell_webSince 2013, The Poetry Society has been working with Cape Farewell, an international not-for-profit organisation set up to instigate a cultural response to climate change.  Together we have created the Switch: Youth Poetics programme, which has resulted in some remarkable poetry from young writers, and a number of short films.

Our Young Poets Network is central to the collaboration with Cape Farewell – try out some of the poetry challenges on the YPN website if you would like to attempt your own poems relating to climate change.

Follow these links to find out more about some of our previous poetry challenges:

  • I am the Universe, a challenge written and judged by Helen Mort in partnership with the British Romantic Writing and Environmental Catastrophe project. Read the anthology of winning poems here.
  • Melting Ice, a challenge asking young poets to write in response to the changing faces of our polar regions. Developed in partnership with the National Maritime Museum. 
  • Turn Up The Volume, a challenge with Oxfam and written by Harry Man that asked young writers to pen poems of protest to aid action against climate change.