Teachers: 30 Day Poem Challenge

Inspired by the 30 Day Song Challenges we see all over social media, we’ve put together a 30 Poem Challenge. This one can work for individual poetry lovers or class groups. Teachers – challenge your students (singly or in pairs or groups) to come up with a poem for each category. For younger students, make this a 5 or 10 Poem Challenge. Good sources of poem hunting are The Children’s Poetry Archive, The Poetry Archive and The Poetry Foundation.

(Thank you to whoever wrote the original 30 Day Song Challenge – we’re afraid your name is lost to the mists of the internet).

1. A poem you like with a colour in the title
2. A poem you like with a number in the title
3. A poem that reminds you of summertime
4. A poem that remind you of someone you’d rather forget
5. A poem that needs to be read aloud
6. A poem that makes you want to applaud
7. A poem to think about as you go to sleep
8. A poem about religion
9. A poem that makes you happy
10. A poem that makes you sad
11. A poem you never get tired of
12. A poem about children
13. A poem you like from the 21st century
14. A poem to read at a wedding
15. A poem you like that’s inspired by another work of art
16. A poem that’s a classic favourite
17. A poem that you’d read to someone else
18. A poem from the year you were born
19. A poem that makes you think about life
20. A poem that has many meanings to you
21. A poem you like with a person’s name in the title
22. A poem that moves you forward
23. A poem you think everyone should read or hear
24. A poem by a poet you wish would write more
25. A poem you like by a poet no longer living
26. A poem that makes you want to fall in love
27. A poem that breaks your heart
28. Your favourite poem
29. A poem you remember from your childhood
30. A poem that reminds you of yourself