Our impact


“The Poetry Society is at the heart of poetry in education, nurturing the relationships between poets, pupils and teachers with care, vision and flair.”  Carol Ann Duffy

“Without the Poetry Society I wouldn’t be where I am now and, looking at the other writers in my generation, I doubt the current crop of younger poets would be so developed and serious about their art if The Poetry Society didn’t exist.” Kayo Chingonyi, SLAMbassador Winner 2003

“My lifelong gratitude goes to the Poetry Society for helping me to realize my potential at the stage where it really mattered” Adham Smart, three time Foyle Young Poet of the Year

“The combination of the session leader being both a non-teacher and a professional poet seemed to liberate a lot of the kids and made them experiment in ways they wouldn’t usually.”  SLAMbassadors teacher, 2015

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