Rong Radio Station

Benjamin Zephaniah is one of the UK’s most successful poets. His poems are influenced by his Jamaican heritage, showing the rhythms and social conscience of Dub and Reggae Poetry, whilst exploring politics and civil rights in the UK. Poems such as ‘Reggae Head’ and ‘What has Stephen Lawrence Taught Us?’, show the variety of his approach.

‘Rong Radio Station’ explores many different political issues that are important to Benjamin. He has said in an interview that ‘there isn’t enough anger in politics’, and has spoken passionately about black British history, both of which are ideas covered in the poem.

The poem uses a chorus or refrain throughout. This is something that echoes the repetition of ‘Do Not Go Gentle…’, but is also a feature of other Dub poetry, such as Linton Kwesi Johnson’s ‘If I Woz a Tap-Natch Poet’.

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