Poets in Schools

“The poet gave us self-confidence to perform and creativity to write a better poem. Now I think poetry is exciting! You can structure a poem in many different ways and I like that! You can put word patterns, rhymes, repetition, onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors.” – KS2 student from Beatrix Potter Primary School, October 2019

“Students were incredibly engaged, with one student commenting ‘‘that’s made me want to be a poet that has’’ at the end of the session.” – Rachel Hockey, Librarian, Chorlton High School, December 2018

Inviting a poet into your school supports teaching of both reading and writing. It is exciting for pupils and teachers and encourages pupils to write and to see writing as worthwhile.

It also has benefits right across the curriculum, particularly in terms of planning, drafting and revising work. A visit from a poet encourages awareness of styles, imagery, structure and audience whilst promoting the sharing of ideas and approaches.

The Poetry Society has been placing poets in schools for over 40 years. Book your visit by filling in the Poets in Schools enquiry form and emailing it to our education team, or call 020 7420 9880 if you would like to discuss it further.

Things to consider

“It was so insightful and engaging to have an actual poet lead the workshops. I loved all the resources that they used for the day, and would like to use some of the teaching resources to explore poetry further with the children.”– Najat Hassan, Teacher, Featherstone Primary School, October 2019

Before finding a poet to bring into your school, it’s important that you have some idea of what you’re looking for and what you would like your students to gain from their visit. Do you want a one day visit, a regular creative writing club, or a year-long residency? Do you want to enthuse your students about poetry or would you like them to write on a particular subject?

Using the answers you give on our Poets in School enquiry form, we will draw up a list of poets in your area using our nationwide database of poet educators. We will cherry-pick the poets who we think would work best with your school and contact the poet on your behalf to check their availability. Once we are able to confirm this and you have decided to book the poet to visit your school, we can put you directly in touch with the poet so you can discuss timings and plan further details.

Once we have a sense of your needs we will be able to quote a fee for the visit. This includes the poet’s fee and our administration charge (school members use the service for free). We invoice the school after the event for the full fee plus travel and the poet can invoice us.

Booking a poet visit

If you are interested, please fill in the Poets in Schools enquiry form and email it to our education team. If you have any questions, call 0207 420 9880. 

We also have some information on preparing for and following up on the poet’s sessions.

When making your booking, we will ask you to confirm acceptance of our terms of agreement.We will also ask your visiting poet(s) to accept a corresponding set of terms

INSET training

“This was one of the most engaging workshops I have ever participated in. The poet’s manner and humour were entirely captivating and I have gathered so many ideas and I now feel I can teach poetry in the classroom with confidence – something which previously terrified me!” – trainee teacher, St Mary’s University Twickenham, October 2019 (following a CPD session with a poet)

We have run teacher training sessions all over the country and can help you arrange INSET training for your staff. For more information please contact us.


Did you know that we are an Artsmark partner? If you are a school working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award then a Poet in School workshop is the perfect opportunity to add to your school portfolio. If you would like to find out how The Poetry Society can support your school’s Artsmark journey then please contact Alice Watson on [email protected] or call 02074209880 and check out our dedicated page