Reading Suggestions

Want to write well? Read well. Want to read better? Read more!

Our new selection of poetry book recommendations for all ages and stages will send your imaginations off to brand new places. Click the links to the left: we’ve sorted books into ‘shelves’ – books chosen by and for young people, and ones specially picked for classroom reading; a selection of anthologies, collections and how-to-guides. The books are beloved of Poetry School staff, our Teacher Trailblazers, our Poets in Schools and more. Keep checking back for new shelves, and let us know what you discover. 

NB – some of the books we recommended here are not specifically written for children. Teachers should read them first and use their discretion about which poems to recommend to which students.

Would you like book ideas for a particular group, or on a theme? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can gather.

Want to share a shelf? We’d love to hear your ideas too. Please send us the following information …

• Your name and details (are you a teacher, a young writer, a poet etc)
• The name of your shelf
• The age / educational stage it’s suitable for
• Recommendations of 4-5 books on the topic, and for each of them, a short sentence explaining your recommendation, a quote from the book and a link to the publisher’s details. It’s fine to recommend out of print books, but they must be easily available second-hand.