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Culture Matters Presents, Witches, Warriors, Workers: An anthology of contemporary working women’s poetry. The London Launch.

Saturday 14 March 2020, 1:00 pm4:00 pm

This is the London launch for Culture Matters’ new anthology of contemporary women’s poetry.

Co-editor Fran Lock will host a series of readings from contributors, including both emerging and established writers. Featuring performances from Amy Acre, Golnoosh Nourpanah, Joelle Taylor, Lisa Kelly, Kathy Pimlott and many more tbc. The work focuses on themes which reflect the texture and preoccupations of working women in contemporary Britain.

There are 65 contributors of all ages, working across a variety poetic and artistic traditions. The anthology contains poems, lyric essays and artwork which explore women’s complex relationship to work, to the environment, to our families, to our bodies, and to each other.

The anthology strives to be an inclusive expression of sisterhood, offering an inspiring, intersectional vision of feminism that is porous, egalitarian, and mutually responsible.

A chance for people to hear some passionate poetry and buy a signed copy of the book.

Contributors to the anthology are:

Jane Burn
Lesley Quayle
Kirsten Luckins
Beth McDonough
Michelle Diaz
Kimberly Campanello
Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Kathy Pimlott
Fran Lock
Jacqueline Saphra
Ellen Phethean
Raine Goeghegan
Julia Webb
Kim Moore
Ana McKenna
Carole Bromley
Joelle Taylor
Wendy Pratt
Rosie Garland
Helen Ivory
Golnoosh Nour
Deborah Alma
Hannah Lowe
Nadia Drews
Jane Commane
Amy Acre
Julie Hogg
Becky Bone
Alison Brackenbury
Char March
Julia Bell
Catherine Ayres
Sally Flint

Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, translated by Abigail Parry and Serafina Vick
Hibaq Osman
Lisa Matthews
Pauline Sewards
Pippa Little
Imtiaz Dharker
Rachael Clyne
Jackie Hagan
Nicki Heinen
Sarah Wedderburn
Natalie Shaw
Clare Shaw
Joanne Key
Melissa Lee-Houghton
Carrie Etter
Lisa Kelly
Rosemary McLeish
Clare Saponia
Angela Topping
Sarah Doyle
Cathy Dreyer
Jessica Mookherjee
Denni Turp
Maya Horton
Laura Lawson
Geraldine Clarkson
Jo Clement
Hannah Shelmerdine

Artworks inside by Jane Burn, Fran Lock, Natalie Sirett, Mary Lou Springstead

The event is free, but donations are welcome.

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