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Realness Popping and Locking classes

Friday 17 August 2018, 7:30 pm10:00 pm


A dance style that originated in Los Angeles in 1970 & was created by Don Campbell and is the first Street dance of the modern day era. Locking was developed by his group The Lockers during the early seventies & involves accurate points, wrist rolls and some synchronised steps used with some of the social dances from

The 70’s funk era.


A dance style that originated in Fresno California and was created by Sam Solomon during the mid to late seventies. This dance style involves contracting and relaxing various muscles of the body whilst creating amazing funky angles and levels in time to music. Popping has many social dances infused in it to create a funky groove and moves that will make you be the envy of your friends


We teach popping and locking styles of dance but we do not ignore your fitness.

Keeping fit and strong is very important and plays an integral role in supporting our physical and mental well being. Dancing can improve your self-esteem and physical awareness, so come and have fun and experience that with us.

18+ only.


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