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Sidekick Remixathon: remodel your poems

Saturday 20 January 2018, 2:00 pm5:30 pm

£25 - £33

Poems. Unloved, dusty and abandoned poems. Whatever shall we do with them?

Remix, revamp, remake, remodel, re-use!

Sidekick Books editors Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone head up a session on various ways of playing and working with the thousands of past-published (and sometimes long-forgotten) works you can find in libraries, archives and second-hand bookshops. Give an old text a new life by photocopying, cut and pasting, collaging or transmediating – or even making a Twitterbot to generate randomised lines from it.

To accompany the Sidekick’s Poetry Café exhibition Headbooks, we invite you to an afternoon of playful poetic experiment. If you’d like to make a Twitterbot, please bring a laptop; and if there is a particular charity shop poetry collection or similar you’d like to remix, bring it along!