Write better poetry

Get critical advice on your work from experts on the craft of writing poetry. Visit a poet or chat via Skype for a one-to-one Poetry Surgery, or send your work through the post for a thorough and sensitive Poetry Prescription critique – whichever works best for you. 

Members receive a healthy discount of £10 on both services (London Surgery saving is £5).   

Poetry Surgery

Poetry SurgeryPoetry Surgeries are held all over the country, with highly-qualified poet tutors, and available to book online. We even have a Skype version. You can find out more about available Poetry Surgeries and book online.

Poetry Prescription

Poetry Prescription. Illustration by David Sparshott.
Poetry Prescription. Illustration by David Sparshott.

Send up to 100 lines of poetry for an appraisal by one of our highly-qualified poet tutors. Find out more information and submit your work online.