Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding between the Poetry Society and Stanzas


Stanzas are both a valued and unique formation within the Poetry Society. Stanzas are formed on a voluntary basis for the benefit of existing Poetry Society members and those whom we hope will become Poetry Society members. Because they are voluntary formations, Stanzas do not have constitutional status. Stanzas help the Poetry Society further our organisational objectives in numerous regions of the UK and in several places abroad. In return, Stanzas receive the following benefits:

  • Start up information, including contact details for Poetry Society members in particular regions
  • Regular e-bulletin exchanges and e-mail correspondence from our Membership Manager
  • Advance notice of opportunities notified to the Poetry Society, relevant to Stanza regions
  • The opportunity to take part in an annual Stanza Poetry Competition (exclusive to Stanza members who are also members of the Poetry Society)
  • Dedicated space on the Poetry Society’s website, including: Stanza page giving contact details of all Stanza representatives; Stanza News, updated with information provided to the Membership Manager by Stanza representatives; Stanza Poetry competition news
  • Stanza Link meetings with all Stanza reps annually to share ideas, receive updates and contribute to the development of Stanzas over time. Stanza representatives (or a chosen delegate) attending these meeting are reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses
  • The Memorandum of Understanding, below, gives Stanza members a detailed description of the relationship between Stanza groups and the Poetry Society

Memorandum of Understanding

1. Stanza groups are informal groups of Poetry Society members and others with shared interests. The term ‘Poetry Society Stanza’ (or ‘Stanza’ when referring to it in its abbreviated form) is owned by the Poetry Society, a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

2. Because Stanzas are formed on a voluntary basis, they cannot have a basis within the Poetry Society’s constitution. Only the Board of Trustees of the Poetry Society can speak on behalf of, and operate Poetry Society Business. Stanzas cannot have direct involvement in programming the financial matters of the Poetry Society.

3. Stanzas are formed by members of the Poetry Society, to take forward the use and enjoyment of poetry in local areas. By so doing, they contribute to the Poetry Society’s mission.

4. The Poetry Society Membership Manager is the main point of contact for Stanza members.

5. Where existing Stanza representatives have not been able to report any activity to the Membership Manager for a lengthy period of time, the Membership Manager will make contact with the Stanza representative to ascertain the reasons. Where the feasibility of activity commencing again in the near future is unlikely, the Stanza group will be deemed to have lapsed and details of the Stanza will no longer be available from the Poetry Society website or in print.

6. Stanza representatives must be members of the Poetry Society. If a Stanza representative ceases to be a member of the Poetry Society and is not able to renew his or her membership within a period of one months notice, details of the relevant Stanza group will be removed from the Poetry Society Website and in print.

7. Stanza members will be invited to make known literature and news from the Poetry Society to their local area on an opt-in basis, as this helps advance the Society’s mission, and contributes to membership take-up. This includes Membership leaflets, National Poetry Competition leaflets, Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award entry forms, Poetry Society event flyers and similar material.