A creation of song, language, the earth, and life: Seán Hewitt on Romeo Oriogun’s poem

Romeo Oriogun’s poem is explored by Seán Hewitt.

Seán Hewitt offers a close reading of Romeo Oriogun’s haunting poem ‘From Darkness Into Light’ in the latest episode of our online ‘In Front of the Poem’ series. Oriogun’s poem, which appeared in in the summer 2021 issue of The Poetry Review, is, says Hewitt: “a creation story, but it is one that blends together the creation of song, language, the earth, and life, all together”. Hewitt offers a deep-sounding exploration of the poem’s language, form and narrative development.

Previous critiques in the ‘In Front of the Poem’ series include Katrina Naomi on Kaleem Hawa’s poem ‘Learned Helplessness’; Kathryn Maris on Mary Ruefle’s poem ‘A Morning ;  and Katharine Towers on ‘Another Agony in the Garden’ by Denise Riley. There is never any one way to read a poem; the aim of the series is to offer insights to inform and expand readers’ interpretations.

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20 October 2021