A new National Poetry Competition writing resource from Eric Berlin

Eric Berlin.

The Poetry Society has released the second in this year’s series of National Poetry Competition writing resources, suitable for individual writing or group activity and discussion. July’s resource is written by US poet Eric Berlin, who won the 2015 National Poetry Competition with his poem ‘Night Errand’ – a poem set in an upstate New York shopping mall and featuring a very conspicuous Jeff Goldblum cameo.

Eric Berlin’s writing resource looks at the heel-turns of two poems from the competition’s past -‘Embrace’ by Rhian Gallagher, and ‘Night Feed’ by Charlie Druce’. how the speaker’s perspectives shift suddenly, and how these poems play with the expectations of readers. You can find Eric Berlin’s writing resource here.

This is part of a series of free writing resources The Poetry Society is commissioning as part of the 2020 National Poetry Competition, from past winning and commended poets. Eric Berlin’s resource joins a resource on nature writing from Pascale Petit released in June 2020, and the National Poetry Competition writing resources created in 2019 by competition alumni Mary Jean Chan and Caleb Parkin, as well as The Poetry Society’s extensive Poetry From Home resources set up in 2020.

If you’d like to enter the 2020 National Poetry Competition, it’s open for entries until 31 October. Find out more and enter the competition here.