Adriana Morgan wins Acumen International Poetry Competition

Adriana Morgan has won Acumen’s first International Poetry Competition, with Poetry Society Members Kerrin P Sharpe and Graham Burchell coming in second and third. 

Lots of success for other Poetry Society Members too. Kathy Miles won the Subscriber Prize, Michaela Coplen and Jonathan McMahon were Highly Commended, and Gail Anderson, Maggie Butt, Eve Jackson, Linda Saunders and Thomasson Taylor were Commended. 

There was a total of £2000 in prizes and the judges were Nancy Mattson and Michael Bartholomew-Biggs. 

Acumen is among the longest-running literary magazines today. Patricia Oxley started Acumen in 1985 armed with only an electric typewriter, and without subscribers or contributions.  Since then it has grown to one of the country’s leading literary journals.

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1 May 2020