Amy Evans Bauer wins Jonathan Williams Chapbook prize

Amy Evans Bauer

Poetry Society Member Amy Evans Bauer has won joint first prize in the inaugural Jonathan Williams Chapbook Prize in the US for her chapbook and umbels, judged by Lee Ann Brown and Evan Gray. Her chapbook will appear with Shirt Pocket Press, US, later this year. 

Judge Evan Gray writes:

and umbels is a melody that scatters and reflects. Reminiscent of Jonathan Williams’ cataloging of signs from Appalachian North Carolina, the ocean sounds here carve into each page and beckon for attention. Evans Bauer’s language is punning, loud and personal as she explores the textuality of the words, how they are swelling with connection and meaning.”

Amy is a British-Austrian poet, sound and montage artist. She is the author of five chapbooks, the artist’s book The Report of the Iraq Enquiry: Poetic Summary (Larynx/Shearsman, 2017) and broadsides anti-fa-la-la: songs against statues (nectar feed, 2018) and Stalking Gerard Manley Hopkins (Salient Seedling/Woodland Pattern Book Center, 2016). She runs the Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar with Robert Hampson at the University of London Institute of English Studies.

and umbels continues Amy’s five-chapbook poetry sequence and cross-border installation SOUND((ING))S, which she has performed at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and at waterfront locations in the US and Europe. The chapbook follows on from PASS PORT (Shearsman, 2018), CONT. (Shearsman, 2015), The Sea Quells (Shearsman, 2013) and Collecting Shells (Oystercatcher, 2011).

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17 June 2019