Claudia Court wins Barnet Open Poetry Competition

Claudia Court at the March 2020 Stanza Bonanza (representing Barnes & Chiswick Stanza), Poetry Cafe, London. Pic courtesy of Dino Mahoney.

Poetry Society Member Claudia Court is this year’s Barnet Open Poetry Competition winner for her poem ‘Miscarriage’, judged by Maggie Butt.

Maggie: “It felt rather daring to choose such a short poem as winner in a national competition, but I felt Claudia Court’s poem ‘Miscarriage’ was a rare accomplishment as it managed to be understated, intensely moving and universal in just 17 syllables. The poem pivots around the ache of two brilliantly chosen words ‘far/fewer’ and the line break emphasises the devastating fracture in their lives.”

Fellow Society Member Veronica Zundel is second with ‘To My Surgeons’ and Members Christine Vial (‘Flower Power circa 1970’) and Sue Leigh (One Day I Will Stand’) share third prize with Mary Anne Smith.

Plenty of Society Members among the Commended poets too: Gabriel Griffin (two poems), Terence Jones, Dorothy Yamamoto, Tim Waller and Veronica Zundel (again).

Entrants were invited to write a poem of not more than 35 lines on any topic. 1st Prize = £500, 2nd Prize = £250, 3rd Prize x3 = £50.

10 March 2020