David Bleiman wins Scots Language Association’s Sangschaw competition

David Bleiman

Poetry Society Member David Bleiman‘s poem, ‘The Trebbler’s Tale’, written in a macaronic Scots-Yiddish, won the first prize and the Hugh MacDiarmid Tassie in the Scots Language Association’s Sangschaw competition. David’s poem was described by the adjudicator as a dumbfounerin mixter maxter o Scots and Yiddish. It will be published in Lallans 96 (forthcoming).

The poem opens…

Dreg yer tochus frae the lochan,
scraich the rouch o the mama-loshen,
then, gepocked and gemaisled wi shmutz and wi smot,
Scots-Yiddisher mish-mosh is whit ye hae got.
Misguggled, gemisht wi “achs” an wi “ochs”,
a crowdy-shmeered bannock an haimisher lox.
Nu! Sup yer drap nossock an hae a guid nosh,
listen weel to my meiseh and dinna ye fash.
A selkie–strue’s Gott–telt me this in Lumphinnans,
gefilte fush droukit an she mitten drinnen.

The Scots Language Society launched in 1973 by the then recently formed Lallans Society (later renamed the Scots Language Society), is perhaps best known for Lallans – a journal for people writing both poetry and prose articles in Scots.

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1 May 2020