Joanne Key wins Buzzwords Poetry Competition

Joanne Key
Joanne Key

Penelope Shuttle has chosen ‘Strange Nature’ by Poetry Society Member Joanne Key from over 1,000 entries to be the winner of this year’s Buzzwords Poetry Competition. Fellow Poetry Society Member Penny Boxall is one of the joint runners-up with ‘Monument Valley’.

Among the Commended poets are Society Members Ama Bolton and Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana and David Hale won the Gloucestershire Prize with fellow Member David Clarke runner-up.

The shortlist included Poetry Society Members Mary Mulholland, Jules Whiting, Isabella Mead, Neil Elder, Gwen Sayers, Ben Verinder, Jenny Johnson, Angela Croft, and Linda Ford.

Penelope said of Joanne’s winner:

“the winning poem, is earthy, spooky, elemental. It stopped me in my tracks. The language employed is direct and sharp, carrying the charge of this strange narrative with verve, the form fitting the content like a glove. There is not a wasted word, the story of the ‘Bigheads’ moves forward energetically, never drifting off the point. The fairy-tale mood is chilled-through with sexual threat and predation, and the wit of the closure brings catharsis, release, completion.”

Buzzwords run poetry reading and open mic nights in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

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26 October 2020