Pippa Little wins Carers UK Competition

Pippa Little
Pippa Little

Congratulations to Poetry Society Member Pippa Little who has won this year’s Carers UK poetry competition, judged by Cheryl Moskowitz.

Cheryl says of Pippa’s winning poem ‘Inside with English Breakfast’:

(it) invites us to view the world through the window of a café and conjures a scene so real you can almost taste it with her poem, a moving portrait of a carer and their loved one held together in solitary silent seclusion while those other lives we lost or let go/flutter out there, moth-like in the hot light.

Poetry Society Member Nicky Phillips was joint third for her poem ‘First Time Out’

“(using) humour to great effect and surprise us with unexpected turns and connections made between the subjects in the poems.”

Among the Highly Commended poems was fellow Member John Pearson for ‘Cutting Her Nails’.

Now in its fifth year, the Carers UK  competition welcomed poems on all aspects of caring, particularly on the theme of ‘keeping well, keeping connected’.

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19 Novembe 2018