Members’ competition successes: a round-up

Here’s some recent competition successes for Poetry Society Members!

Fathima Zahra won the Bridport Poetry Prize; Mark Fiddes, Sharon Phillips, Penny Boxall, and Alison Binney were Highly Commended. Read more

N J Hynes won the Battered Moons Poetry Competition, judged by Zoë Brigley Thompson. Sue Spiers was third. Former Foyle Young Poet Laura Potts was Commended. Read more

Sarah Wimbush was second, and Denise Bundred third in Ledbury Poetry Festival Poetry Competition, judged by Daljit Nagra; Cia Mangat and Lydia Wei were first and second in the Young Persons’ prize. Read more

Julie-ann Rowell was runner-up in the Buzzwords Poetry Competition, Neil Richards and Doreen Hinchliffe were Commended. Read more

Isabella Mead won the Wells Open Poetry Competition; Sharon Black was third. Fathima Zahra won the Young Poet section; Annabelle Fuller was second, and Hannah Hodgson third. Read more

Eve Jackson, Christopher M James, Charlotte Cornell were shortlisted for the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Award. Read more

Kitty Donnelly won the Indigo Dreams Collection Competition. Ama Bolton and Elizabeth Uter were Highly Commended. Claire Booker, Connie Bott, Jenny Hamlett, K V Skene and Frances Corkey Thompson were Commended. Read more

Claudia Daventry was runner-up in the Wigtown Poetry Competition. Read more

Claudia Court and Gary Bills were joint winners of the Dempsey & Windle National Poetry Day Competition. Read more

Phoebe Power, Fiona Moore and Matt Howard were shortlisted for the Seamus Heaney Centre Poetry Prize. Read more

Anthony Mair was second in the Hastings Litfest Poetry Competition and Philip Burton was third. Elini Cay was Highly Commended. Read more

Former Foyle Young Poet Ella Duffy won the Live Canon International Poetry Competition. Hilaire was Commended.  Read more

Mark Oakley won the 2019 Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing. Read more

Pippa Little won the Aryamati Prize; Jenny Mitchell was second, Colin Dardis third. Read more

Iora Dawes was third in the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition; Diane Mulholland, Michael Brown, and Robbie Burton were Highly Commended. Read more

Ian Humphreys and Michael Symmonds Roberts were on the Portico Prize Longlist. Read more

Christopher M James was the winner of the 300 Euro Bailieborough Poetry Festival Competition. Read more. Christopher also won second prize in the Hanna Greally International Literary Awards. 

Christopher was also a runner-up in the Torbay Festival Danny Pyle Memorial Competition, alongside Kathy Miles. Read more

Gail Anderson was second in the Charroux Memoir Poetry Prize. Lawrence Isley was third. Sarah Barr, Pam Job, and Afric MacGlinchey were Highly Commended; Janet Dean, Mary Gilonne, Afric MacGlinchey (again) and Christopher M James were Commended. Sheila Aldous, Joanna Bates, Jacarandra Sutra, Julie Anne Gilligan, Anna Kisby, Olive Ritch, M V Williams and Glen Wilson were on the long list. Read more

28 November 2019