Rosie Jackson and Dawn Gorman win Hedgehog Poetry Press’s ‘Conversationally Speaking’ prize

Poetry Society Member Rosie Jackson has won Hedgehog Poetry Press’s ‘Conversationally Speaking’ prize in a joint venture with Dawn Gorman. The idea of the prize was to look for a conversation in verse where two poets choose a topic and collaborate to produce a body of work where each poem is a response to the one before.

Judges Nigel Kent & Sarah Thomson said

“We looked for a collection that demonstrated evenness in quality, each poem, needing to demonstrate originality, inventiveness and accomplishment in both style and form. In addition, the collection needed to have a coherent call-response structure: we looked at how each poem related to the poems that preceded and followed it. The winner, Dawn Gorman & Rosie Jackson’s ‘Aloneness is a many-headed bird’ impressed us because it not only fulfilled all these criteria but it also immediately drew the reader into the conversation between the two poets on both an intellectual and an emotional level and sustained attention from start to finish. It was a very impressive piece of work!”

Runners-up were Poetry Society Member Rae Howells and Jean James for ‘Bloom and Bones’.

Both Dawn and Rosie and Rae and Jean have been invited to have their Conversations published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

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2 December 2019