Doreen Hinchliffe wins Sydenham Arts’ Poetry Competition

Doreen Hinchliffe
Doreen Hinchliffe

Sydenham Arts’ second annual competition, ‘We Could Be Heroes’ in partnership with Alarms & Excursions and Kirkdale Bookshop has been won by Poetry Society member Doreen Hinchliffe for her poem ‘Mr. Williams’. Fellow Members Philip Burton and Mantz Yorke were second and third for ‘The Longest Wait’ and ‘Tommy at Seventy’. Doreen also bagged a Commendation for ‘Ada’

Judges this year were Racheal Joseph and Isabel White.

Sydenham Arts is a registered charity providing arts activities and events all year round from their permanent home and performance space at the Sydenham Centre. Since 2009 they have staged annual festivals embracing every art form. They are committed to providing a platform for emerging, local artists as well as bring in high quality, established artists to the area.   

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21 September 2018